Kente Sandals


On sale now; free shipping! Dress up your feet with these beautiful kente cloth sandals. Made to order and ready within two business days. Styles and sizing chart shown in description below.

Arrices within 5 business days via DHL.



Crafted of labor intensive, intricately hand-woven brightly colored Kente cloth, the most valuable textile in Ghana. Choose from the two styles shown, or pick from available Kente cloth  designs, for a custom style. Sizes range from teen to adult. Use the sizing chart shown, to determine shoe size.

Style 1
Style 2


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Women's Size 10, Women's Size 5, Women's Size 5.5, Women's Size 6, Women's Size 6.5, Women's Size 7, Women's Size 7.5, Women's Size 8, Women's Size 8.5, Women's Size 9, Women's Size 9.5


Style 1, Style 2

Kente Cloth Design

As Pictured, Canon, Crisis in the Oyoko Nation, Money Strengthens Family Bonds, Potsherd, Puff Adder's Head, Stars, Strength


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