Cane Furniture

Each masterpiece will greet you and your guests with beauty and craftsmanship. Our Ashanti braided, handwoven cane furniture, is made using the finest available bamboo and strong rattan cane. Rattan cane is a valuable material used in the creation of long lasting and durable furniture in Ghana. Furnish your home, covered porch, office, and outdoor spaces, with the finest of hand woven cane furniture. Each set available in customized sizes, shapes, and sets to fit any room, or space. It can also be blended with artificial materials and colored, to suit your comforts and interests. The cane is naturally treated to protect it, but because all items naturally deteriorate from exposure to sun, water, and weather, use under cover or indoors is preferred, for the longest durability. The cane does not attract dirt easily so minimal care is needed, just an occasional dusting.

Each set includes a couch, loveseat, chair, and matching center table. Pricing ranges from $1,500 – $1,800, depending on the style.

Curve Style Set 
  Square Style Set
Fan Style Set